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The Point of Pain

May 18, 2021

It has been an intense couple of weeks. With the crisis in India it has been devastating to see the lack of care and support from the government in India and from the wellness industry. It has been devastating and for those of you who are interested and able, there are so many ways you can offer support. If you’re able to donate, The Desai Foundation has been doing a lot to get resources to rural areas that need it the most and even if you’re not able to offer support financially, sharing about this issue and holding people accountable really helps.

In this very dark time, the truth is that the main thing that is keeping me afloat and bringing me joy is the Chronicon Community. That’s why today’s Community Spotlight episode is so special to me.

For this episode, I am so honored to sit down with one of our community members, Jessi Lane. Jessi and I talk about her story, the ups and downs with her health, how she found the Chronicon Community, how the community has been supportive for her, what it means to be ready to show up for the life you want, and so much more!


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